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Corporate Ballooning

Why should you use a hot air balloon as a part of your corporate marketing and sales program?


Hot air balloons are used by organizations world wide to promote, advertise and provide brand loyalty to their products and services. We would like to show how hot air balloons are a successful component to your other marketing tools, as well as how we can assist you in creating and delivering a successful program. 

Successful hot air balloon campaigns are being used by organizations such as Disney, Coca-cola, Eveready, Ball Park Franks, RE/Max, Jack in the Box and Pontiac in corporate marketing programs. In addition, hundreds of local businesses use hot air balloons to achieve a wide variety of marketing goals. 


Hot air balloons create excitement that attracts and holds attention. Hot air balloons can display your message in a number of different manners.


  • Free Flight in Target Markets – A flight of a balloon over a target population is a unique experience for those on the ground.  Your product and message are a true standout and will receive a unique exposure unparalleled by any other means.


  • Tether Flight at Special Events – By tethering a balloon at a special event or mass gathering you message  can be displayed by a 70 foot tall billboard that can be set up quickly and does not require permanent site modifications or leave any permanent markings.


  • Sponsorship in Balloon Festivals - More than six million spectators annually attend the hundreds of local, national and international balloon events. This attendance is greater than any other outdoor summer activity, including baseball games and car races.


    What type of balloon configuration should you consider?


    Hot air balloon campaigns can utilize a number of types of aircraft.  We can provide you with support at a number of different levels:


    • Banner on one of our balloons – For this type of promotion a custom banner is created which is attached to one of our current balloons.  Banner sizes of up to 32 feet wide and 16 feet high are supported. This type of program is generally best suited for low cost one time promotion and marketing efforts.  Typical costs for the one time creation of a banner range from $650 to $1,000 depending on colors and complexity.  Costs for the flight or tether range from $500 to $700/hr depending on location and complexity.


    • Custom round shape envelope on our baskets – As a measure to help clients contain initial costs, we have developed a program where our clients can purchase a custom logo’d envelope that we will fly “over” one of our existing baskets.  Typical one time costs for the envelope would be in the range of $25,000 to $90,000 depending on the complexity of the design and type of certification desired.  Daily flight charges would be in the range of $1,000 to $1,800.


    • Complete custom shape system – This approach is similar to the previous approach except that it would include the initial acquisition of a basket and ground support equipment (trailer, tow vehicle, and other misc. support equipment). Prices for this type of program are dependent on the specifications of the envelope, basket and ground support equipment.  We can provide estimates based upon needs of the client.  Daily flight charges would be in the range of $1,000 to $1,800.


    • Special shape balloon - Special shape balloons provide the option for entirely unique marketing program. Special shapes have been created in all sorts of imaginative configurations ranging from super sized images of company products such as the Coca-Cola bottle, to icon images such as the flying cow for the "drink milk" campaign.  Costs for this type of program vary widely and are dependent on the type of shape desired.  Our staff is ready to provide you the support to assist in the development and implementation of a special shape.


    How difficult is it to manage a hot air balloon program?


    Using our custom services, a hot air balloon promotion campaign is easily managed. Our professional management and operations support personnel are focused on providing you the resources and elements you want yet ensuring you are encouraged to be involved as little or as much as you want.



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