BusinessGoals, LLC - BelleStar, HeatWave and BabyBalloon

Our Mission and Goal

BusinessGoals, LLC was formed to provide a variety of high quality services directly involved with Hot Air Balloons and Lighter Than Air Aviation.

You may have seen our balloons, BelleStar, HeatWave and the BabyBalloon, at many events and festivals world wide in support of sponsors and events.

Our motto is "Have Fun, Make Friends and Try and Break Even".

Our primary focus is on flying our various  hot air balloons and training others in learning to fly hot air balloons.

As part of our training and educational efforts, we support K-12 "Take a Balloon to School" educational programs focused on introducing students to aviation with a direct and personal approach.

More information about each of these activities can be found by going to the tabs on the left side screen.

Our Balloons

BelleStar is an Aerostar RX8, HeatWave is a Kubicek BB26XR racer and the BabyBalloon is an Aerostar Raven S49A . All are registered aircraft in complete compliance and inspection requirements with FAA.

Yes, hot air balloons are aircraft and FAA governs the aircraft, the pilots and the flights we conduct.

For those individuals that are seeking a private ride experience for 2 or 3 people click on the "Balloon Rides" link on the left side of this page.  For any other information please contact at Kent Barnes.