"Take a Balloon to School" K-12 Educational Programs

School Programs and Presentations


To assist our schools and educators in providing a greater understanding of ballooning and LTA flight we have developed a Hot Air Balloon program for elementary and middle schools.

Video of a typical "Take a Balloon to School" program for elementary school can be found here. Thanks to the Davis County School District and Lakeside Elementary for hosting.

The "Take a Balloon to School" program offerings have been created to provide several different levels of interaction for students. In addition, we have prepared a set of teacher resources that are free to all teachers. This file contains a broad set of information and activities for all grade levels. The resource file can be found here. A video of a flight can be seen here.

Program Description List

This presentation provides an assembly type presentation using a multimedia and lecture format. The presentation is about 45 minutes in length and includes presentation by the pilot and ground crew on:

  • the history of ballooning,
  • the parts of a hot air balloon,
  • what makes a hot air balloon fly,
  • types of hot air balloons,
  • as well as a video covering the launch, flight and landing aspects of a typical flight, and
  • time for Q&A by the students, faculty and staff.


This presentation is ideal for shorter timeframes and/or conditions where weather or facilities precludes the inflation of the envelope. A set of teacher resources is provided to assist in engaging the students before that on campus visit.
Basic The Basic program provides the school an on site visit and inflation of a hot air balloon at a mutually agreeable location on the school playground or near by facility.

This program is suitable when there are other activities planned by the school where having a hot air balloon on site will generate additional emphasis and excitement for the students.


Weather permitting we can either tether the balloon at the school to lift teachers, staff and administrators to heights of approximately 60 to 80 feet in the air. STUDENT RIDES ARE NOT PERMITTED DUE TO STATE OF UTAH AND INSURANCE LIMITATIONS.
Enhanced The enhanced program combines the Assembly Program and the Basic Program in to a single presentation.  This is the most popular presentation we provide.

Additional presentations can be made to upper level elementary schools and middle schools that will add emphasis to the science and math courses.

Expectations from the school and/or school district:

We are always willing to work with schools and school districts on discounting for multiple presentations, or in the cases of limited funds.

Available Teacher Resources

Contact Kent Barnes at (801) 557-5300 or for scheduling or additional details.